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Transparency and integrity are crucial barometers in gauging the accountability of any organization.  At Avenue Road Baptist Church, we are pleased to make our records, both administrative and financial, available for viewing upon request. 

Avenue Road is accountable to a variety of groups for our governance (the way we do church), to our sister churches within the Guelph Association of South-Western Ontario, the greater Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, the Baptist World Alliance, and ultimately, to God Himself, and our neighbours.  

Avenue Road also adheres to the highest standards of financial accountability and transparency through the public posting of financial standing, constitutional controls on disbursement of funds, and is a proud member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.


Financial Standards of Accountability

Canadian Council of Christian Charities (excerpted from

The CCCC Seal of Accountability is conferred on charities that have demonstrated verifiable compliance with our Standards. The Standards are developed in consultation with the community of Christian ministries, are approved by the CCCC board and are designed to:

  • promote effective Christian Ministry;
  • promote Christ honouring practices so as not to bring Christ’s reputation into disrepute;
  • focus on best practices and high standards rather than minimum legal requirements; and
  • publicly identify Christian charities that are worthy of the public’s respect and trust.

The Standards require Christian ministries to be faithful stewards who give appropriate account of their finances and activities to donors, other charities and organizations, the larger public, program beneficiaries, and governments.

The Standards go beyond risk-management and also emphasize the advancement of Christianity. They direct Christian ministries to consider and evaluate who their beneficiaries are, and their effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out both the Great Commission and the command to "love your neighbour". At the same time, the public and particularly donors and potential donors will find the CCCC Standards to be an effective benchmark when evaluating the worthiness of a ministry.

Since 1983, CCCC has administered a program of accreditation allowing Christian charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency to become certified members and to use the Seal to identify themselves as organizations that meet the CCCC standards. To become a certified member, and as a condition of continued membership in good standing in the CCCC Seal program, an organization must comply with the nine standards below. Compliance is normally monitored by annual written submissions, and periodically (every 3-5 years) by on-site field reviews.



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"The Bible makes abundantly clear, again and again ... that God uses the most messed-up, flawed, not-good-enough
people to do His will ... , because messed-up, flawed, not-good-enough people are all He has to choose from."

... Ruth Soukup