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Ways We Work Together:

Avenue Road Baptist Church is primarily a congregational model for doing church, which means that ultimately, the corporate membership decides the direction of the church.  Individual congregations work hand-in-hand with other congregations, and are accountable to the larger associations, though autonomous in decision-making.  At Avenue Road, the Board of Deacons, in conjunction with the pastors, guide the congregation.


Boards and Committees


Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is responsible for the overall spiritual, administrative and operational aspects of the church. The Board consists of 9 members - at least 3 female and at least 3 male - as determined each year by Members at the annual meeting.


Property and Finance Committee

The Property and Finance Committee has general charge of the Charitable Property and material affairs of the Church and is responsible for the security, care and maintenance of Church assets. The Property and Finace Committee consists of at least 6 members, plus a non-voting Deacon liaison.    - Top


Christian Education Committee

The Christian Education Committee co-ordinates the work of all the Christian Education organizations of the church, enlists and provides for the training of teachers and leaders, reviews and selects curricula, resources and program materials for the Church School and other educational programs, etc. The C.E. Committee consists of at least 6 members plus the Superintendent of the Sunday School and a non-voting representative from the Board of Deacons.


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares a list of nominations of persons who are qualified and willing to stand for election to the Board of Deacons, Officers, Committees and other positions as required. This committee consists of at least 6 members.    - Top


Missions Committee

The Missions Committee seeks to increase the missionary interest and knowledge within the church. This committee consists of at least 3 members and a representative of the Board of Deacons.


Worship Committee

The Worship Committee recommends, with the support of the Pastor, the employment of an Organist and/or Director of Music to the Board of Deacons. They recommend the salary for an Organist and/or Director of Music to the Personnel Committee. They supervise and foster the effective use of music, drama, liturgy, etc. in the public worhip services in consultation with the Director of Music and/or the Choir Director and the Pastor. This committee consists of at least 3 members plus a representative from the Choir and the Board of Deacons.     - Top


Flower Committee

The Flower Committee sees that flowers are placed in the church at times of regular worship services and sees that the church is suitably decorated for festive occasions. The committee consists of at least 3 members.


Nursery Committee

The Nursery Committee provides a list of persons who will take charge of the nursery for the safe and comfortable operation of the nursery. They are responsible for seeing that the nursery is staffed and maintained. The committee consists of at least 3 members.    - Top


Ushers Committee

The Usher's Committee provides a list of persons who will act as ushers at each regular service of the Church, and on special occasions as required. They shall provide training for all ushers in the proper performance of their duties. The committee shall consist of at least 2 persons.


Chairman's Committee

The Chairmen's Committee correlates the work and efforts of the Deacons Board and all Committees. They appoint a Chairperson for the Church business meetings and establish an agenda for each of such meetings. This committee consists of the Chairpersons of the Board of Deacons, Board of Christian Education, Property and Finance Committee, plus the Church Treasurer and Church Clerk.    - Top


Library Committee

The Library Committee establishes and maintains the Church library. They consist of at least 2 people.


Communion Stewards

The Communion Stewards are responsible for the preparation of the communion table for the ordinance of the Lord's Supper. They consist of at least 4 members.     - Top


Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee facilitates the smooth functioning of the Church's ministry by creating a forum for communication between the congregation and Church staff with respect to the terms and conditions of employment and other items of ministry that may arise. They define the specific duties and responsibilities of each salaried staff person and may assist in the recruitment of staff. They arrange for an annual review of all salaried staff. This Committee consists of a member, appointed annually, from each of the Board of Deacons, the Property and Finance Committee, and the Christian Education Committee.


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee acts as a liaison between the church and any professional accountant retained by the church and ensures that the recommendations of such accountant are implemented. They consist of at least 3 members.    - Top



The church Clerk publishes the time, place and agenda for all Membership meetings with due notice, records all of the business transacted at such meetings and presents the minutes of all previous Membership meetings when called upon to do so, conducts all correspondence on behalf of the church arising out of such meetings, and conducts all correspondence relating to Church Membership. The Clerk is the custodian of the Church Seal and all papers and documents of the church. The Clerk keeps an accurate record of membership, maintains a record of baptisms, and files a statistical report with the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec and the Guelph Association of Baptist Churches.



The Treasurer is responsible for issuing and signing cheques and keeping an accurate cheque register on behalf of the church. The Treasurer pays all staff members and maintains payroll records, invests funds as directed by the Board or Property and Finance Committee, directs the tellers to deposit the monies received by the Church into the proper bank accounts, keeps an account of all monies received by the church, and keeps a full and accurate account of all assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements and the total contributions to the general, building, and other funds of the Church, including the preparation of monthly bank reconciliation and financial statements for presentation to the Board or Property and Finance Committee. The Treasurer annually lays before the Members the audited financial statements approved by the Board.    - Top


Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer assists and is responsible to the Treasurer in the duties of the office.


Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary supplies weekly offering envelopes to all Members and to others who request them, keeps an accurate record of all monies contributed through envelopes or otherwise, makes an annual report to the Annual Meeting of the Church of amounts contributed through envelopes and of the number of envelopes being used, sends at the end of each calendar year to each known contributor a receipt of offerings made during the year, and holds in strictest confidence all records of individual contributions.    - Top




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