Ministry Team


Lucas Jervis -Lead Pastor

 Though he may look young, Pastor Lucas is a veteran of the youth world, having been working in youth ministry for over 10 years. Lucas brings a wide variety of ministry cultures with him, from inner city to rural farm ministry.

 Having graduated from Emmanuel Bible College with a Bachelors of Theology in Youth and Family Ministry, he is currently working on his Masters of Theology at the University of Waterloo.

His passion for preaching and for people unite, and he loves to bring the word and bring the Love of God to people that most of us have spent our lives avoiding.  

He has a love for sports and adventures of all kinds, but would also happily sit down over a coffee or a pint and get to know you and your story.

Pastor Zack is a fourth-year student at Emmanuel Bible College, where he is pursuing a Bachelorof Th

Zack Thornton - Pastor of Worship & Discipleship


Pastor Zack is a fourth-year student at Emmanuel Bible College, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral Ministry. Passionate about everything history and theology, Zack loves  making Scripture come alive and inhabit our daily lives! Zack lives in Kitchener with his beautiful wife Emma and their adorable feline friend named Bunny. An extravert, Zack will be more than happy to explain his musical influences and heroes, which span across the genres.


Emily King - Children's Director

Emily King has been working with kids since she was one herself. She is wrapping up her schooling, getting her diploma in Early Childhood Education. She has a passion for kids of all ages, and has more patience than most people would know what to do with! Say hi to her in our Kids Zone on a Sunday.


Karlee Hughes - Director of Communication

 Karlee is a recent Graduate of Heritage College and Seminary. She graduated heritage with her Bachelor in Religious Education. Karlee is our Director of Communications and takes care of all of our social media platforms as well as our administration. When Karlee isn’t at Avenue Road she can be found behind the espresso bar at Monigram Coffee Roasters in Galt. Karlee loves to learn about people and is always down for a good discussion on just about anything. Check out our office Tuesday through Friday to bring any questions, comments or qualms to Karlee. If you’re so kind as to bring her a coffee, she takes it black.