Message from the Board of Directors concerning Lucas Jervis

February 18, 2022

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

As you are aware, Lucas Jervis has been charged with incidents of sexual assault against various women in the Hamilton area. That matter is before the courts and we are not able to offer any pronouncement on these charges other than that they are serious and must be taken seriously.

Because recent news reports concerning Mr. Jervis' arrest were not entirely clear, we felt it important for you to know that they did not involve or take place at the Avenue Road Baptist church, and indeed occurred elsewhere and prior to Mr. Jervis coming here.

Regrettably sexual assault is a reality in churches and charities across Canada. We must ensure that our hiring practices and supervision of staff and volunteers guard against such behaviour. We must also be welcoming to victims to allow them to come forward to seek our help.

Should anyone of our congregation family at any time have a complaint against a pastor or volunteer at our Church for inappropriate behaviours, please advise any one of our ministry team so that we may take appropriate steps in accordance with our policies.